Best dressed on campus: Couples making you sick on Valentine’s edition

You’re secretly jealous

February means Valentine’s Day is almost here. It’s still cold outside, but love is in the air and these couples and BFFs’ outfits are on point. 

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, these couples show us how to do it as stylishly as possible. Whether you’re spending this Valentine’s in a relationship or spending it at a Galentine’s bash with your BFFs, these couples show you how to ensure that your outfits complement each other. Matching neutral tones and chunky boots will create ripples of whispers that you are “relationship/friendship goals.” Here’s some inspiration for making this happen this V Day.

Juliet, Medicine, and Richard, Dentistry 

So cute

Juliet and Richard match their neutral tones flawlessly. The forest green coat and burgundy jacket tie both of the looks together.

Geoffrey, Politics, and Rosy, English Lit


One colour can bring two outfits together perfectly. The different accessories ensure that the looks are not too matchy.

Emily, Philosophy, and Dan, English Lang

Black skinny jeans: a wardrobe essential for all genders

Both Emily and Dan have gone for a relaxed, yet edgy vibe. Their looks are simple yet they go together well. Black skinny jeans and lace up boots are a no fail combo for men and women.

Kasi, History and French, and Morag, History

The most stylish Galentine’s ever

As it is still Winter, coats make or break outfits. Kasi and Morag model two of the top coat trends of the season. Fur and suede always upgrade a look. Morag’s tights and shoes combination add preppiness whereas Kasi’s trainers create a more relaxed look.

Molly, English Lit and French, and Oliver


Versatile coats are key for this time of year. Molly’s monochrome layering is so on trend. Oliver goes for a simpler, preppy look, demonstrating that minimalist styling can be better. Both pay attention to accessories, ensuring that their outfits are flawless.