Who’s your guilty pleasure crush?

‘Prince Eric from the little mermaid’

We can all swoon over the Dicaprio’s and Jolie’s of this world, but it’s time to put the embarrassment aside and confess up to those bizarre attractions. Perhaps your thing for the high-waisted V neck loving Simon Cowell makes you as ashamed as your beloved best of Britney revision playlist.  Or maybe Nigella’s flirty innuendo in the kitchen is really the one to get you uncoventionally hot under the collar. Whatever the case, these guilty pleasures do exist and are very real.

Amy, second year, History

Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.  I like clever scientists because they mix things and he really loves Penny.

Who knew science was sexy?

Glen, second year, Maths

Carol Vorderman, maths is a turn on.

Is it though?

Sophie, second year, History

I’d have to say Justin Bieber, I’m definitely a Belieber after this latest album.

Never say never

Deanna, second year, Maths and French

It has to be Michael Bublé or Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid.

Should someone tell her Prince Eric isn’t real?

Emily and Jodie, second year, Geography

I like Lionel Richie, that voice and his smile is so warm.

Ricky Martin, just the accent and his hips.

Think Lionel may be a bit old for you hun

Max, second year, medicine

Taylor Swift.

No guilt needed

Eleanor, second year, history

Niall from one direction , I’m a sucker for the Irish accent.

A rogue choice, what about Harry?