Fire alarm cuts Tuesday Club short

Right in the middle of Barely Legal

The Tuesday Club, responsible for putting on some of the best DJ shows in the Steel city, was shut down early on Tuesday.

After sets from the likes of Amy Becker and My Nu Leng, the strobe lights were interrupted by the red lights of the fire alarm. Luckily coming at  the end of the night at around 3am, during Barely Legal’s set, the alarm didn’t put too much of a damper on the night of  music.

Pure, unadulterated shock and dismay from every angle.

Rob Monaghan, an economics second year, articulated his emotions about the situation, saying he felt “like a deer in the headlights” and was “not ready” or prepared for the night to end so abruptly.

The unexpected interlude threw excited Tuesday Club goers into the bizarrely snowy evening, with many hanging around outside the building hoping the evening would continue in the spectacular style as earlier in the night.

Herds of people being forced to leave early.

There was widespread dismay in the crowds of eager music fans as the lights came up and it was made clear that the alarm wasn’t part of the set, as well as sheer reluctance to leave before there was no more music to be enjoyed.

The alarm is assumed to have been set of by cigarette smoke though this hasn’t been confirmed.

English second year, Laura Bell, said: “I was pretty gutted it was ending early, it was like my fun was snatched away from me as Barely Legal was killing it and the end was bound to be incredible.”