Sheffield set to get its own Chinatown

Hopefully with a Snapchat filter

Plans for Sheffield to get its very own £65m Chinatown have been given the go ahead.

The plaza will be built between London Road and Bramall Lane (down by Waitrose and Aldi), in one of the most multicultural areas of Sheffield.

The new space will include bars and restaurants, an oriental supermarket,  business spaces, and private and student accommodation. Student accommodation will be able to host 695 new residents. Situated nearer Hallam accommodation this will presumably serve them more though.


Plans are to build an area catered to the Chinese community to increase and develop connections with China, attracting more Chinese traders and students to the area. Currently Manchester and Leeds are seen as the superior alternative – so hopefully Sheffield will become a more multicultural city.

However, the developers of the projects are urging that this is not to create a divide in the community, but rather to bring the city’s 10,000-plus Chinese community more into Sheffield’s culture and identity. And the plaza will cater to a number of different communities, welcoming all.


The area currently

Just like in Manchester and Leeds, there are hopes for the new Chinatown to become “The Times Square” of the city.

The project has the added bonus of bringing over 400 jobs to the city, a godsend to many who’s student loan isn’t quite cutting it. But the project begins this summer and won’t be finished for three years, so no rush updating your CV.