Sheffield’s best Tinder game

‘Obviously got Netflix, who hasn’t!’

In a 2015 world, Tinder has quickly become a more than acceptable medium for finding bae. In an effort of to find that special someone, the good people of Sheffield have wasted no time in crafting words to capture hearts, souls and minds. Brace yourself.

Mambo number 5 is the quickest way to a girl’s heart, don’t go telling everyone.

The next Jaden Smith of Netflix and chill? ‘How Can Anything Be Real If We Are Not?’

Curses, but thanks for clearing that up, thought I’d hit the jackpot.

Brave, very brave.


Bit keen, no?


With puns like that teamed with the cheekiest of emojis, how could you refuse?

Bread based puns for days, rise to the challenge honeys.

How do you even get to the point of walking a shower? More importantly where is your ability to use punctuation? Sorry pal.

What fresh hell is this?  The Barnsley location is entirely believable.

What exactly is your degree title at the University of $wagchester? The baby photo also really cements the point your making, top work.

Never fear ladies, ‘defiantly’ not Jewish but anti-semitic and whimsical to boot. The ending’s a plot twist no-one would want or expect, congrats.

Well that escalated quickly.