A third year Economics exam was cancelled on the spot

It was unanswerable because of printing errors

Third year Economists were left reeling today after their exam was so misprinted it had to be cancelled on the spot. 

The ECN301 Advance Micro Economics paper was 25 per cent of the 20 credit module, and the exam had been scheduled for 11am today in both Hicks and the Diamond.

After the exam had started, several of the finalists realised the majority of questions were incomplete, with one multiple choice question simply having no written answers to choose from atall.

One question had no answers at all

Following concerns raised to the invigilators, the lecturer initially advised to carry on with the questions they could answer.

A short time later, the entire exam was cancelled and they were told it would be postponed until this Friday, when many people will already have gone home.

After much backlash, lecturer Ian Gregory-Smith sent an email round an hour later, expressing his apologies for the mistake and confirming the test wouldn’t be held on Friday.

The exams were held in the Diamond and Hicks

He instead offered the disgruntled third years the opportunity to vote over whether they’d prefer the exam rescheduled in February, or incorporated into their final exam in the summer.

The email read: “Dear All, Apologies for the cancellation of today’s class test.

“We have decided NOT to hold the first semester class test on Friday.

“Students have proposed some options to decide how we are now going to assess the module.

“You should receive an announcement with a link to a poll.

“Please select your preferred option by 5pm on Tuesday 15th December.”

A copy of the paper

This comes less than a year after the ECN303 travesty in January, when devastated third years started an online petition and hashtag campaign after complaining they were misled about the nature of their exam.

Jake Williams, who was meant to sit the exam in Hicks today, said: “I wouldn’t get away with handing an unformatted or unfinished essay and I’m confused as to why that means they can get away with this.

“It’s an absolute pisstake.”

Pete Abbosh, also on the same course, added: “You’d think they’d at least check the exam before it was printed, it is third year.”