Campus style: Christmas essentials edition

Deadlines don’t stop you from being stylish

Everyone’s feeling Christmassy, so we set out to find the most stylish Sheffield students on campus this past week.

Cynthia Wang, MA Creative and Cultural Industry Management

Top – Local shop in Sheffield

Skirt – Local shop in China

Boats – Local shop in China

Bag – Online shop

Favourite item: “Skirt, I like that special colour and the shape. I like to find something special in stores”

Christmas Essential: “I think it is something colourful, green and red and maybe a dress.”

Our pick: her boots make her look taller and slimmer.

Mikhail Mohd Noh, Mechanical Engineering

T-Shirt – Vintage shop

Trousers – H&M

Jacket – H&M

Shoes – Nike

Hat – Topman

Bag – Sprayground from Japan

Favourite item: “My shoes because it is floral. I think for me, my style is very colourful, so I love my shoes and bag the most.”

Christmas essential: “I think it will be a stylish coat, I have a big trench coat and I am going to wear a hoodie inside.”

Our pick: His hat, bag and shoes build up his own style.

Amakah, Chemistry 

Top – New Look

Jeans – River Island

Coat – ASOS

Boots – ASOS

Bag – River Island

Favourite item: “My favourite item is my coat, as it is so warm and it is a vintage style, I really like vintage style.”

Our pick: Her backpack’s colour can easily match with different styles.

Jake Reny, Chemical Engineering

Shirt – Gap

Jeans – Gap

Sweater – JC Penny

Shoes – Clarkes

Favourite item: “The shoes are very comfortable.”

Christmas essential: “Probably jumpers for Christmas time, the comfortable ones.”

Our pick: His shoes brighten up his outfit.

Ruby Bird, Philosophy

Top – Charity Shop

Jeans – Vouge Vintage

Coat – Timberland

Shoes – Dr Martens

Bag – gift from mother

Favourite item: “I wear the coat all the time as it is warm. “

Christmas essential: “Lots of layers for Christmas and boots if it is raining.”

Our pick: It is worth noticing that most of her items are not from branded shops and are nicely matched.

Ptolemy Brown, International Relations

Top – Topman

Jeans – Levis

Coat – From parents

Shoes – Vans

Bag – Nenny state

Favourite item: “It will be my jacket because it is like unique and I like the blazer like design. It is like a suit jacket and it is smart and casual. “

Christmas essential: “probably wool hat because it is warm and fashionable.”

Our pick: His jacket makes him look smart in the library.

Christy Tsang, Biomedical Science

Top – Topshop

Cardigan – Hong Kong Local Shop

Jeans – Topshop

Coat – Topshop

Shoes – Fred Perry

Bag – Longchamp

Favourite item: “My favourite item is my top and I love Topshop.”

Christmas essential: Christmas jumper

Our pick: Her light blue coat perfectly match with her dark jeans and white sneakers.

Sam Gold, Hispanic Studies and Economics

Top – Debenhams

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Adidas

Favourite item: “The jumper because it is the Christmas period and is only allowed to wear it in December. You are not allowed to it in other time.”

Christmas essential: “Christmas jumper and a nice scarf and maybe a bobble hat.”

Our pick: His Christmas jumper is very festive

Ihtishaam Shabir, Law

Top – H&M

Jeans – Topman

Jacket – unknown

Shoes – River Island

Favourite item: “My shoes, I think it is very good for the [cold and rainy] weather and it is a pair of loose boots”

Christmas essential: “You know, a nice warm cardigan and I like chunky jacket for Christmas.”

Our pick: His jacket is suitable for this month and helps bringing up the festival mood.

Naima Begum, Health and Human Science

Coat – Unknown

Jeans – Primark

Shoes – Online Shop

Veil – England local shop

Favourite item: “Shoes, I think they make my legs look thinner.”

Christmas essential: “I do not really celebrate Christmas, but for winter, I think it is a thick scarf and coat and some wools.”

Our pick: Her coat has a great shape