Outrage as SU sells majority of Pop Tarts tickets before general release

They sold them all to societies

Pop Tarts sparked uproar on Sunday, after selling the majority of their Christmas Tarts tickets to societies before general release. 

After many disappointed retro-pop lovers tried and failed to get themselves tickets for the 12th of December, Pop Tarts revealed that they only had 250 tickets remaining for non-society members.

This means, assuming Pop Tarts sells to it’s capacity each week, that the SU sold a whopping 950 tickets to societies, and that almost 80 per cent of their tickets were gone prior to general release.

Those not lucky enough to snag themselves a ticket reacted with heartbreak and despair on social media.

Frustrated pop tarts lover, Emma Davidson, said: “Been on the page since 9am refreshing and trying to book, it’s totally ridiculous… Didn’t even get a chance.”

James Cross, a History and Politics finalist who was also not impressed that he couldn’t get tickets, tweeted the SU, saying: “In future will you limit the number of Pop Tarts tickets available to societies? Tell them to go to Roar.”

Euan Antona, another disappointed buyer, wrote: “They can’t have gone as quickly as Adele tickets surely.”

In response to such an onslaught of disappointment, Ollie Bradley, the SU’s entertainment manager, said: “This year Pop Tarts has been on the receiving end of an unprecedented level of interest by the students at the University of Sheffield, which resulted in record ticket sales for societies.

“Our ‘tickets in advance’ system has been in place for a very long time and allows groups of students to organise socials by selling tickets for a club night through their societies and clubs.

“Having never experienced such a large level of interest for one event, we have never had to enforce a cap on the number of tickets being signed out through this process, however this marked the first time that we have had to turn societies and clubs who were too late away from signing tickets out in the interests of releasing a certain number for general sale.”

“Around 250 tickets were left for general sale, with 100 of these reserved for the usual allocation in Bar One which will be sold at 10pm on Saturday night.

“While the issues that have arisen from this year’s event will definitely lead us to address the cap for TIAs in the future, we are extremely happy that so many students are wishing to attend.”

Amongst all the devastation and anger, one thing is for sure, Bar One is going to be a battleground at 10 O’clock on Saturday.