More snow is predicted to fall in Sheffield this weekend

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

A severe weather warning has been issued for South Yorkshire, and The Met Office have predicted that snow will fall on Saturday. 

According to weather reports, Saturday will see a band of heavy rain, which may turn into snow on higher levels of ground.

The Met have also warned about the possibility of floods in Yorkshire and Humber throughout the weekend.

Does this mean it’s christmas yet?

The warning states: “Rain is likely to spread from the southwest during Saturday.

“There is a low likelihood of this being sufficiently heavy and prolonged as to lead to some flooding of properties and parts of communities, as well as some travel disruption.

“However, any impacts are not expected to be as widespread or severe as those observed last weekend.

“In addition, there is also the potential for the rain to turn to snow and accumulate – mostly likely, but not exclusively, on high ground. Much uncertainty surrounds Saturday’s weather, but there is the potential for disruption from both rain and snow.

This alert will be kept under review and updated as necessary.”

So festive

In response to The Met’s reports of snow, English finalist, Hannah Galtress, said: “I really hope it settles. How festive would that be two weeks before Christmas?”

Less excited about the weather warnings, Daisy Collingwood, a Geography finalist, said: “I’m really not looking forward to the snow to be honest. It’s cold and it’s wet, and above all a safety hazard with all the hills we have around here.”