Campus WiFi has gone down after a cyber attack

Not what you need in deadline week

Eduroam has stopped working, rendering panicked workers unable to hand coursework in on time.

Universities working under JANET have all crashed, after an unknown source hacked the server.

JANET is the network provider used by most of the universities in the country, so chaos has ensued nationwide.

Sheffield is just one of the universities that have suffered from the DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on JANET.

Issues have been happening for the past couple of days, but have only properly hit Sheffield today from 9am this morning, and problems are yet to be resolved. University services including MOLE and Google Apps are currently unavailable both on and off campus.

Shamefully, some departments didn’t even know that Eduroam and Mole were down, and haven’t extended any deadlines.

Fuck Eduroam

Those stressed by deadlines were forced to retreat to their homes for wifi so they could access Turnitin.

The Joint Information Systems Committee who run JANET have tweeted updates of the situation, but are yet to solve the issue.

English literature finalist Calum Paver, who has been hit by the disaster, stopping him from getting coursework in on time, says, “It’s a disgrace, deadlines are stressful enough without this.”