The Tab Sheffield needs you

It’ll be the best thing you do at uni

Ever wanted to plough your way through a 1kg burrito challenge, go for a night out with Fatman Scoop or do hot yoga with Dan Bean?

Maybe you want to break the biggest news stories on campus, have your work read by ten million people a month and get your name in national papers.

These are all things we’ve done this year, and you can do that too.

Join us

Aside from being the only media outlet on campus worth reading, we also have a lot of fun whilst we’re doing it.

If you’ve got an eye for a story, great chat and a penchant for West Street Live, we want you to join us.

You don’t need to have lots of experience, we can give you that. We can also offer you journalism training, an outstanding CV addition, and free chips at the Friery.

Chloe Maycock, last year’s Deputy Editor said: “It’s easily the best thing I’ve done at uni.

“It’s got me into the most random and hilarious situations, given me the worst hangovers, and also helped me secure a grad job in the Civil Service.”

Joanna Freedman, this year’s Dep Ed also said:”The Tab has turned from a hobby into a huge part of my uni life.

“It has made me extremely driven, everything I hear around campus is a potential scoop, and above all its so much fun. I’ve experienced some hilarious things from pretending to be a snitch in a Quidditch game to eating a one kilo burrito.”

Whether it’s news, features, argument, or fashion pieces you’re into, we want to hear from you. Email [email protected] and we’ll get you along to our next meeting.

You can have this much fun too