Clubbers of the week

Keeping the duck face alive

This week, Sheffield’s finest took to the streets to prove that there’s no stopping the party when it comes to the Steel City. From the SU to Carver Street to Leadmill, you guys hit it hard as ever.

Happiest clubber

Thumbs up if you liked them before they were cool

Squad of the week

Wearing colours is so mainstream

Eyes of the week

Waved doesn’t do it justice

Best pout

Blue eyes blue shirt blue VS

Photobomb of the week

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a floating head tbh

Best dressed

Every shirt in this photo is fire

Par of the week

Get away

Indie album cover of the week

Presumably the artwork for their upcoming EP of Pokemon theme-song covers?

Mouth of the week

The reason he’s so excited is because she’s just told him where she’s hid his top teeth

Best bromance

The only thing I love more than my VK is my mates

Spillage of the week

Vodka lemonade or dribble?

Stare of the week

Wouldn’t wanna be on the receiving end of that icy glare

Creep of the week

*psycho theme*