Outrage at camel on the concourse

So rogue

A camel has appeared on the concourse this afternoon.

Its appearance has sparked controversy after reindeers were banned from Interval last year.

The camel was enlisted for a one-off Animal and Plant Sciences lecture for primary school children, and after a few hours in a cage outside was then walked into The Octagon.

Over 1000 local children were learning about life on earth, which also featured a slightly less impressive alligator and barn owl.

Working the camera

In light of last years reindeergate, where the annual SU reindeer event at Interval was cancelled due to animal welfare concerns, many were left disappointed by todays appearance.

Calum Paver, an English finalist, said: “I’d assumed it was a festive thing because the three wise men came on camelback, but it appears not.

“Why does the SU take reindeer rights more seriously than camel rights?”

Heather McDonald , an English Language finalist, added: “It’s horrible. The cage was so small.”

Several people have also tweeted the Students’ Union expressing their concern, with one saying she was “so disappointed with the Student’ Union right now” and even requesting the contact details of the event organisers.

Despite this, many of us were also keen to take advantage of the temporary zoo space and cash in on the photo opportunities.