Sheffield didn’t even make the list of new graduate employability rankings

But somehow Huddersfield did

Scandalously Sheffield University hasn’t made the list of top 200 universities for employability in QS’s latest Graduate Employability Rankings.

The obvious choices, Oxford and Cambridge came 6th and 4th in the world (unsurprisingly). Fellow Russell groups including Leeds, Liverpool and LSE made the list though, all falling within the top 80.

But surprisingly a couple of curve balls were found in the rankings, in the forms of Cranfield University and Huddersfield University.

Apparently hardly any of these people will get a job, soz x

Actual graduate employability rate only makes up 10 per cent of the ranking. Pointless other factors such as employer’s presence on campus, or partnerships with employers are what really sway the rankings.

Like many rankings gone by, these statistics are based on factors which are completely irrelevant to any student. So don’t start kissing goodbye to your future based just on these stats.

QS have no idea what they’re talking about

Ultimately nobody really gives a shit about rankings like these. There are so many now it’s difficult to know which ones to believe. Sheffield falls 80th university in the world in QS’s world rankings, yet in the U.S. News Best University Rankings we are 150th.

Angry English second year Olivia Reddington says the stats are ludicrous: “Naturally, I just don’t see how there’s any real correlation between how big the employer presence on campus is and how employable someone is. Where has that even been plucked from?”