Why would you want to live anywhere other than Endcliffe?

Piss off Ranmoor


Nestled away in the depths of Broomhill resides the secluded Utopia that is Endcliffe. A leafy haven for freshers to frolic in for a year.

Freshers these days don’t know how good they have got it while they’re wrapped in this cotton blanket of a village. Second and third years spend many hours reminiscing about the good times spent in the suburb, bringing a tear to the eye. Oh how the carefree year of innocence and lack of responsibilities holds a place in your heart.

Take me back x

The sad reality hits during second term of first year – this is as good as it’s going to get. Never again will you live in such a homely bubble with all of your friends within a 600 meter radius of your front door, a relaxed attitude to clothing and picturesque vistas.

To those freshers in the Steel City’s own utopia, appreciate what you have: you won’t want to live anywhere else ever again.


Residing in the fifth richest borough outside of London it is no surprise that this village has ambiance to spare. With grand green trees lining the path into the village, a beaut park for picnics, and a sublime pond, you can’t help but feel at one with nature in Endcliffe. The overall aesthetic and it’s surrounding area are to die for.

Endcliffe’s pond is it’s crowning glory. A nice morning stroll, an afternoon picnic or a post-club debrief, the pond is the place to be – no matter the occasion a perch by the pond is a soothing experience. The calming trickle of the fountain seems to resonate throughout the village, adding to the zen experience had by all.

The transition from Endcliffe to one of the other areas around Sheffield comes as a ghastly shock – as much as you try, you can’t kid yourself into thinking Crookesmoor can even compete. Where is the greenery? The natural beauty? It is a barren wasteland in comparison to the fresh heaven of Endcl.

At one with Endcliffe

Constant buzz for nights out through the whole damn week

Nothing can get you in the mood for a night out than walking back from stocking up on booze and hearing pre drinks surrounding you. The joy seeps out of windows – spirits are high and Taylor Swift is blasting loud. No matter the night, there is always something going on to get you excited. Especially on a Wednesday, never has a week gone by where shirt and tie clad residents haven’t run around belting out Mr Brightside.

The only downside to this is the risk of FOMO, but then again if you’re a fresher why aren’t you going out? With zero obligations and student loan to throw about you have no excuse. Stick your head out of your window and soak up those party vibes.

Impossible to resist Corp Wednesday while you’re in Endcliffe


You live life on the edge in Endcliffe. You never know what you will see around the grounds each day, it could be someone dressed on a fancy dress clad walk of shame, someone riding a motorbike past your block stark naked, or someone skinny dipping in the pond. The unpredictability of Endcliffe is where its charm lies.

Nice morning dip in the pond

The Smell

Believe it or not, once you have left Endcliffe, that oddly sterile and clean aroma that fills the corridors, toilets and The Edge serve as a familiar, comforting scent. The overuse of cleaning products produces a clinical smell, one of a hospital or school – the polar opposite to the bombsite most people wind up in post-Endcliffe.

Your Henry Hoover smelling of sick is one you don’t miss quite so much though.

Why can’t life always smell this sterile?

The Village Shop

It may be extortionately priced, and stock the most bizarre selection of food under one roof together, but the Village Shop has always remained a beacon of hope tucked away in a corner of Endcliffe. Where else could you stock up on chicken nuggets and pesto to dip them in whilst in your pyjamas in the dead of night? There is no judgement if you waltz down the isle in your pyjamas, bare foot or fancy dress. The only line drawn is at nudity.

They even stock copious amounts of lambrini. The dream.

Endcliffe animals

Endcliffe’s resident pussy grants villagers the treat of having a pet, minus the feeding, grooming, taking to the vets and all the rest. The fluffy bundle of joy, the Endcliffe Cat, prowls the grounds avoiding affection as much as possible – you can’t help but try and love it.

If you’re one of the few that could get anywhere near the resident feline then bravo. The Endcliffe-dwellers that can actually get close to the fluffy local are an elite club.

Enticing Endcliffe Cat into a flat, the stuff of legends

Endcliffe’s abundance of rabbits and ducks add to the cute-factor spread throughout the village. Countless hours can be spent trying to pet them, to no avail.


Close proximity to your friends

Possibly the greatest tragedy of moving out of Endcliffe is the distance placed between you and the squad. Never has procrastination been easier than when you live within a 600 meter radius of everyone you know in Sheffield. The convenience of getting to pre-drinks taking 30 seconds, or crawling round to your pals, hungover and pyjama clad is unprecedented.


Endcliffe has no rival. Its supremacy is unquestionable, and we bloody love it.