Stop hating on basic bitches, they’ve just accepted reality

Deep down, aren’t we all a bit basic?


The term “basic bitch” is a staple insult nowadays. With Kate Moss shouting it at the cabin crew when she was chucked off an EasyJet plane, and Meek Mill even rapping, “I don’t want no basic bitches”, it is a phenomenon which is taking the world by storm.

But what is the big deal about being basic?

Characterised as a Mac-book owning, latte drinking, Topshop wearing individual, who listens to Adele, tweets about the John Lewis christmas advert and, of course, loves unicorns more than life itself – it’s time to accept that the basic bitch essentially embodies everything great about the twenty first century.

Live it

She enjoys nothing more than “rosé with the gals”, Pop Tarts on a Saturday and, if she’s feeling particularly adventurous, getting down and dirty to the likes of DJ EZ whilst adorned in sequins and stick on bindis.  She is living the dream. Yet, for some reason we still feel the need to criticise her.

Whilst many may claim they are too “cool” and “individual” for this accolade, the harsh reality is that they are simply living in denial. They almost certainly listen to Sam Smith on the sly, and watch “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in bed at 2am under the warm glow of their Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candle and ethnic wall hanging.

They shop in Urban Outfitters and hide their Air Max at the back of their wardrobes – but deep down these people are the most basic of us all. Just take one look through their profile pictures and you will find an amalgamation of gap year selfies, perfectly positioned cocktails and Michael Kors watches.

The embodiment

First of all, let it be said that there is absolutely nothing wrong with signing your soul away to a seasonal latte. Refusing to give in to the divine and aromatic blend of gingerbread or pumpkin infused coffee does not make you a better and more cultured person, it simply makes you a fool. Whilst others sit with their Americanos, silently judging you with every sip, they are actually missing out on one of the most exciting commodities of our generation.

Why resist the simple pleasures of life simply to conform to other people’s judgements?


Secondly, has anybody stopped to think about the fact that “basic” music taste is actually pretty great? Who hasn’t shed a tear to an Adele song or found themselves tapping away to Bieber’s new album? Whilst some people might feel more interesting listening to The 1975 and reading NME, they’re not fooling anyone but themselves.

If haters say you’re following the crowd because you like bit of Biebs… well then to hell with it, you follow that crowd.

These critics are the same people who judged you for going to a full moon party when you were in Thailand rather than absorbing the atmosphere, but when did harmless cheap booze and neon face paint become such a toxic brand?

It’s time that we all just embraced being basic. After all, is it really any better to portray yourself as somebody so niche that you actually just become a stale cliche, donned in vintage threads, listening to dodgy indie music and pretending you like going to art museums? The basic bitch knows who she is and she doesn’t care if she’s mainstream.

Gap yah x

Whilst the world seems to use the term “basic bitch” to mean derive of personality and boring, isn’t she just a normal girl who likes normal stuff?

Can anybody truly profess that they haven’t at one point in their lives wanted to run the world like Beyonce? Or pondered getting their nose pierced for an inordinate amount of time, or thought that glitter actually looked really cool and edgy? And don’t even try to pretend that you haven’t read an inspirational quote on Instagram and thought it totally related to you and your ex.

The basic way of life is one which we all lead deep down, some of us are just more willing to admit it than others.