A Hallam third year has raised over £10,000 for charity

She recently underwent life saving surgery

Nursing third year, Georgina Redfearne, has raised £10,300 for Sheffield chairty Neurocare after receiving life saving brain surgery at Hallamshire Hospital. 

The Hallam finalst was diagnosed with a rare brain condition as a teenager – hydrocephalus – the build-up of spinal fluid inside the brain, causing her to suffer from symptoms such as a headache, vomiting and fainting.

The brave nurse-to-be had to go through eight brain operations in the fight against the life-threatening condition, before recovering in 2012.

Georgina and her surgeon

Georgina was the first adult in UK to receive pioneering surgery, involving a new device called a telemetric ICP monitor, provided by the charity Neurocare, who raise money to buy life saving equipment for Neuro wards in Sheffield.

To say thank you, Georgina put together four charitable events by herself and raised an incredible total of £10,300.

She told the Tab:  “The first event was “wax a prat” where we had three male volunteers that were dressed in boxers, and the public paid to wax any part of their bodies, that raised £1,500.”

Georgina also held football matches and a medium night at a pub: “As depressing as getting in touch with the dead sounds, it was really touching, thankfully I didn’t get chosen.”

The final and main event was more unusual: “We had 25 people walk over hot coals . Each person had to raise over £100.” All in the name of charity.

Walking over hot coals

With a great cause and handful of generous supporters, no wonder Georgina was able to raise such an impressive amount of money for Neurocare.

Some of the money she raised will go towards a new neuro-rehabilitation ward at Northern General Hospital in Fir Vale, where she had the surgery.

Georgina presenting the cheque

To find out more about Neurocare and how you can participate to support this charity, you can click on the link here.