BNOC of the year Caitlin gives you her top sex tips

Spice up your life


A lot of people who have been in long term relationships know sex doesn’t happen every day of the month, and sometimes there can be times when your sex life is as dry as the Sahara desert.

You ask yourself things like “is it me?”, “does she think I’m ugly?” and think “this wasn’t what happened at the start”, but it’s not the end of your sex life. We are going to bring you some Winter Spice to put the heat back into your nights with bae.

She knows

Make the first move

You don’t want to be sitting on your ass waiting for something to happen. Be spontaneous, make the first move. If you’re used to your partner doing this, you can become lazy and forget that they want attention too. This is sure to get a great reaction from them.

The floor

Use it. Feel it. Love it. It’s very simple.

Work the floor

Tidy up

Make your room look comfy and warm with some fairy lights, winter throws and scented candles. Give the place a proper clean up so there’s nothing to ruin your night of floor fun and sexual experimentation.


Mix up your mix tapes

If you’re about to put on your usual playlist that consists of the same old top 40 songs, please. Just stop. If you’re a big fan of a specific genre, change it up. Put something on you wouldn’t normally, or let it randomise so you don’t know whats coming. Spotify is great for doing this, especially for deep house mixes, chill out R&B or some dirty rap if you’re stuck for fresh ideas.

Make time

If you find yourself doing hours on hours of work and simply rolling straight into bed after, spend less time working and finish earlier. Less is more and the alleviation of stress after work just makes for a better day – by making time for bae, you brighten up your entire schedule.

Wake up hun

Werk it

Body confidence is key in the bedroom. If you show how sassy and sexy you feel, you’re both far more likely to have a good time. Be as loud as possible too. If you live with housemates, flat mates, hall mates,  whoever, forget they’re in and make the room explode. There’s nothing less attractive than caring about what anyone else has to think. Let everybody know how good you feel.

Confidence is key

Keep fit

Working out with your partner is a great way to release serotonin and create some positive vibes. Working out with your partner not only encourages you both to stay in shape, but will also increase your sex drive for one another. It has been proven you will be more sexually attracted to someone when they’re getting a sweat on than you do any other time.
Eat well
Swap those sluggish sweets for fresh, filling fruits. Not only do late night carbs make you feel more sleepy, tired and bloated, they also waste any energy you do have into digesting. If you’re going to be up and want a worthwhile bonk snack on fruits and hot drinks after dinner and try not to eat heavy foods after 9pm, as well as drinking lots of water throughout your day.

Resist the urge

Last but not least, it’s about mindset. Think less Netflix and chill, more rough and ready to drill.