Which Hogwarts house are you?

Obviously you’re Hufflepuff if you ever went to St George’s

Find out which Hogwarts House you are destined for via your favourite Sheffield haunts and habits.


In terms of nights out the Francis Newton is ideal. Let’s be frank, you prefer the chilled vibe of a pub over a rowdy club any day of the week. The place for a laid-back beverage, a butterbeer even, that extends into the early evening at the very latest. Who wants to miss a full day of lectures?

If you begin to feel peckish your mind will inevitably wander to falafel. The prompt end to an early evening event and a brisk walk home is always improved by processed beans. In relation to academics, really it would be easier to say what you don’t do. Between extra reading and electives you have successfully covered all your academic bases, congrats.

You be found in the studious Western Bank, which is only frequented by very serious scholars. Social media is not your forte but the majesty of your LinkedIn profile is something to behold.

“Who wants a butter beer?” Said no one ever


For better or worse, Hufflepuff comes across as middle of the road, so in terms of a night out, Plug is your best bet. Team the mind-numbing playlist with the classic vodka and coke that you no doubt crave and you’re off to a winner of a night. Post-plug, there is no possible place you could wish to be but Chicken Stop, obviously. In terms of university work, it is not looking quite as hot. Academically, you draw parallels with the St. George’s library, that goes unacknowledged by most,  let’s be honest who knew it was there. Classic Hufflepuff.

This is you all over


As the voice of pride and bravery, there is no other destination for a member of Gryffindor house than to Leadmill, a famed home of music in Sheffield. Drinks wise it would be the affordable yet iconic cheeky vimto- what could be more courageous than mixing rum and WKD? Broomhill Friery is your home away from home and why would Harry Potter want any other than a Boromir special, riddle me that. You throw yourself into uni life, like the outgoing social butterfly you are and manage being an alarming overachiever with a social life that would put any BNOC to shame.



As the name hints, at a member of Slytherin house would love nothing more that to permanently relocate to Viper rooms, getting the gals to alohomora their legs, waving their top knots in the air and downing jägerbombs until the cows came home . On your nights out, it’s all fun and games until someone steps on your huaraches and you need to evacuate asap for the cheekiest of Nando’s. During university hours Slytherins will often be found taking up vital seats in the IC swiping on Tinder and generally making the most of their time.