I emailed every girl called Jess at Sheffield to find my lost flame

He just wanted to say hi


Post-grad Alex Carr emailed every Jess at Sheffield University in search of his long lost flame, sparking a Twitter campaign and massive support for his cause.

The star-crossed lover took unprecedented measures last night in order to find a girl he had met on Halloween – sending out an email to the 295 girls called Jess on the University’s email list, after failing to get her number.

The email reads “I met someone called Jess studying Biology on Saturday but didn’t get her number so I’m just saying hi to everyone who might be her”.

Girls called Jess all across Sheffield now find themselves in a dilemma – are they the one?

No that’s not Mick Hucknall

Despite the uproar, Alex downplayed the drastic nature of emailing hundreds of people to find someone he pulled in the SU, he said: “I just wanted to say hi, maybe grab a drink. I didn’t think much of it”.

Surprised by the amount of replies to his original email, he said: “If this girl ever finds out she’s gonna be horrified by this whole palaver.

“One girl even suggested she could be our bridesmaid.”

And as the replies flood in, several of the email’s recipients have also shown support for Alex’s dramatic campaign.

Jessica A Dawson replied “I am not your Jess, but lets get #findJess trending…may your quest for love conquer your fair maiden’s heart.”

The hashtag #FindJess is currently trending on Twitter in Sheffield, and even those not called Jess are rallying behind Alex, the romantic hero.

However some, like Jesse Okoye, have been totally inconvenienced by Alex’s inability to search “Jessica” within Gmail, rather than just “Jess”.

Not quite the girl of his dreams

Alex describes Jess as “tall and thin with shoulder length brown hair”.

If you think you know this girl, don’t hesitate to get in touch – you could be the one to give this modern-day Prince Charming his happy ending.