Meet Marni the deaf puppy who knows sign language

She’s looking for a new home

Marni the puppy is deaf and has been learning commands through sign language.
The four month old cross-breed is staying at an RSPCA centre in Sheffield, and is described as “fun and full of mischief” by her carers.

Craig holmes 25 RSPCS animal care assistant with deaf puppy Marni who is learning sign language in Sheffield. see rossparry copy RPYDEAF: An adorable deaf puppy who learns commands through sign language is looking for a new home. Marni, described as "full of fun and mischief", is four months old and is currently being cared for by a local RSPCA centre. But she's looking for a special owner who she can settle down with and start to enjoy a full and happy life despite her hearing problems.

Despite her bubbly nature, Marni is still looking for an owner to give her the happy life and the loving environment that she deserves.
An RSPCA spokesperson, and one of the people who is looking after Marni said:“Marni is a fantastic little lady who is looking for an extra special home, where she can have lots of tender loving care.

 “She is a typical puppy, bags of fun, except for the fact that she is deaf.

“However, this doesn’t mean that Marni cannot enjoy a full and happy life – in fact, she is just as capable of learning as any other dog but she learns verbal commands through signs.”

 The RSPCA describe Marni as a “confident and outgoing puppy”, claiming “Marni is already learning the basics of sign language as well as her usual puppy socialisation, and new owners will need to be prepared to continue her education to help her grow into a well rounded lady.”

To speak to RSPCA staff about Marni call 0114 2898250.