What are your options in Sheffield for Halloween?

We’ve got you covered

If you missed out on tickets for the SU, are looking for an edgy alternative to Plug or simply are too lazy to have decided yet, all of your Sheffield Halloween options can be found here.

With only days to go and a few of these nights already sold out, it’s time to make a decision and get your zombie/slutty bunny/other generic halloween costumes on point.

Viper Rooms

Viper has provided minimal information about any special guests that may appear but they can guarantee “a grotesquely grown-up night out”. Not entirely sure what that means but if you’re a Viper Rooms fan then it’s definitely a decent option.

They did have fake rats last year tbf

O2 Academy

Somehow Joseph Junior Adenuga has been enticed by the prospect of playing to a Sheffield crowd at a less than popular student venue, and is hitting the stage with David Rodigan, My Nu Leng, D Double E, Levels, Soulection and Holy Goof. We’re not complaining.

Unassuming by day

Nice Like Rice at the Abandoned Woolworths

This event has found Sheffield’s most niche location – an abandoned Woolworths. The night is definitely set to be a creepy one with disguised actors, endless tunnels and access to the basement, but it also promises great DJs: The Reflex, HNNY and Kornel Kovacs. It’s been sold out for the best part of a month, and competition for tickets on the event page is strong.

Free out of date pic n mix is an unconfirmed freebie

Paris – Beg Borrow & Steal

Not particularly interesting, Paris is hosting its standard Scene Saturday but with a Halloween twist. Expect this one to be full of last-minute costume choices and people from Hallam.

Your face paint has got a lot to live up to


A Disney, or rather “Dismay”, themed Halloween party is Plug’s choice this year, borrowed from Banksy’s successful theme park. Our favourite childhood characters are set to become terrifying versions of themselves and the villains will become a reality. However, it’s not all scary – they’ve arranged some Halloween games for the night too.



As if Leadmill isn’t enough of a freakshow already

The Halloween Circus is coming to Leadmill this year, and there will be clowns, fire breathers, contortionists and everything else you would expect from an ordinary circus. Let the creepy carnival begin.

Student’s Union

The Union is providing its usual Halloween extravaganza, extended this year to include 6 rooms of music including a silent disco and live music in Uni Central. The curfew has even been extended until a positively raucous 4 a.m, and  you can spend that extra hour at the Gates of Hell (The Octagon), 13 Foundry Street (Foundry, Studio & Fusion), The Day of the Dead (SU building) or at the Crypt (Uni Central). This night sold out weeks and weeks ago. Will it live up to the hype?

So first year

Hope Works

No Halloween theme detected here. If Halloween isn’t for you but you’re into your ambient trance then Hope Works should be your choice of venue. There’s 9 artists performing, including Lorenzo Senni, Altern-8 and current serious up-and-comer Evian Christ.