A leak in the IC caused an evacuation and minor inconvenience

Pray it’s not the Diamond next

A water leak in the IC’s ceiling resulted in keen neeks being evacuated from the second, fifth, and sixth floors earlier today.

Rain soaked through the roof of the IC, coming through lighting fixtures above people working at computers.

The issue began on the fifth and sixth floors only, but then continued to the second floor later in the day.

The exact cause of the leak has not been confirmed.

Computer users were escorted away from their machines for safety reasons, and areas have now been cautioned off.

Unfortunately this meant hordes of hard working undergrads filled the Diamond, fighting for the limited computers.

If torrential rain in Sheffield managed to penetrate the university’s hub of knowledge, God forbid it infiltrates the beloved Diamond next.

Michael Barge, a Languages second year, was one of the victims affected by the incident, said “I was in the room downstairs when it happened. Inept doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

Sarah Manzie, a second year studying Philosophy, was in the diamond when it happened, and was left irritated by the incident.

She said “It meant there were loads of extra people in the Diamond. You would think Sheffield would be capable of dealing with the rain, but no.”

Carys Batcup, a Psychology finalist, said “It’s a bit shit, isn’t it?”