Clubbers of the week

Stay sexy Sheffield

Uni is starting to take its toll – the stress is building and the deadlines are piling up, but some of you still have no qualms about letting your hair down. 

Here  is the definitive list of the week’s most classic clubbers.

Kisses of the week

Don’t think he’s that keen hun


Bff x hehe

Boyband of the week

Didn’t know Backstreet Boys were in town?

Divas of the week


Sorry Ariel, I think u need a chest wax 

Pouters of the week

Great view up the nostrils lads

Even greater view up the nostrils

He doesn’t even go here

Tongues of the week

Peace fam ygm


Stern looks of the week

You what m8

Derek Zoolander? Is that you?

Raver of the week

Go on gal