There have already been three times as many rapes in Sheffield this year

2015 isn’t even over yet

The number of young women being raped in Sheffield this year has tripled.

Figures given to The Tab show in 2014 there were just four women aged between 18 and 24-years-old who were raped in the city centre.

Shockingly, this year alone there have already been 12.

In contrast the number of sexual assaults on both females and males of the same age group have remained exactly the same.

15 reports of sexual assault on females this year and last, and two reports of sexual assault on males for the same period.

This comes after the news that two women were raped in the city centre in the space of two days last week.

Both women were raped in the Arundel Gate area

Politics second year Izzy Raine said: “These are frightening statistics, especially considering the year isn’t even over yet.

“Perhaps it shows that the city isn’t as safe as I once thought – you should always make sure you tell someone when and where you are going.”