Our definitive advice for bagging yourself a Tuesday Club photo

We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves

To get yourself into the Tuesday Club Hall of Fame, there are a few details you need to address to ensure you don’t require an immediate crop job. Not just anyone can get themselves in these exclusive snaps from one of the unions most popular nights.

Wavy garms

It all starts with your wardrobe choice and let’s be honest, heels and a dress probably aren’t going to cut it at Tuesday Club. To nail your photo opportunity make sure you enlist the waviest of garms. 90s patterned shirts, vintage sports brands and oversized tie-dye tees. Alternatively, girls may want to opt for the safe option: either a crochet crop top or an item sparkly enough for all the boys to flock to you like hungry magpies. Top it off with some trainers built to shuffle the night away and you’re onto a winner.


The next element to compliment the ideal Tuesday Club snap is your beverage of choice. Tuesday Club veterans will often be seen with the a classic bottle of water or a red stripe to pose with as they throw some shapes, so grab a can and prepare yourself for your moment in the spotlight.

Don’t ask for the photo

Remember, this is not Pop Tarts. You are, of course, too cool to care about getting yourself a photo. The desired effect is one of overflowing enthusiasm for the act you are performing, so focus your attention on the stage and skank to your heart’s content, the camera will undoubtedly find you.


A common theme in Tuesday Club photos is a look of unrestrained euphoria. So close your eyes and grin like you’d rather sacrifice your first born to Satan than be anywhere else but shimmying in the Union.


If you’re a guy the recommendation is a snapback or if your feeling like going all out you could always chance a bucket hat. Gals, if you don’t want to be rocking hat hair you can add some practical french plaits to your ensemble or even push the boat out with a jazzy scrunchy.

Hand gestures

If you’ve still got nowhere, now is the time to use your imagination to attract the eye of the photographer. You can go for a classic peace sign, the euphoric hands in the air and if the bass is particularly dirty you can walk out the finger guns to let everyone know how much you are feeling the beat.