Is it ever acceptable to sleep with one your friends’ exes?

‘If she’s a solid 10 it’s a harder decision’

It’s the dreaded old-age dilemma that just about everyone’s familiar with – can you ever sleep with your friends’ ex-bae’s or is it best avoided? As Gretchen Weiners once famously proclaimed, ex-boyfriends are “off-limits to friends” and “that’s just like, the rules of feminism”. It’s a choice between trusting Gretchen on this, or abandoning the rules of feminism and bro-code and just sleeping with whoever you want.

We took to the Concourse to hear your verdicts.

Elliot, second year, English Literature

“It depends on what your friend says about it but as a general rule, no, it’s not really okay.”

Petra, first year, Languages

“No, that’s definitely not okay. It’s just plain weird.

Tom, second year, Biology

“It depends on how long and serious the relationship was or if they still have feelings for the girl. If they were together for five years, then probably not. If they were only together for like a week, it would be fine.”

Nathan, first year, German

“Yeah, I think so. Although, if they ended last week then it’d be a whole new level of low. You don’t want to be known as a homewrecker.”

Lydia, Apprenticeship

“Depends how far back the relationship was. Not if it was two weeks ago.”

Oliver, third year, Economics

“It’s a no go area, but it depends because she might be really hot. If she was a solid 10, then that’s a harder decision.”

Jack, first year, History

“No. Not one bit, you just don’t go there. That’s really fucked up.”