The new university merch is perfect for spicing up a tired wardrobe

Cosy. Prestigious. Glam.

With a new academic year comes a fresh collection of university merch. This year “Our Shop” has not only supplied the people with what they want, but other establishments around the city have dipped their toe into the sea of design. Your fashion horizons have truly been broadened this year.

If subtle, refined and understated are the words to describe your style, then look no further for the latest addition to your collection. With the delicate yet decisive logo on the front accompanied by the notorious catchphrase “non stop retro pop” on the back, the new Pop Tarts t-shirt will let everyone know you love to get down and dirty to S-Club on a Saturday night.


Furthermore, despite the demise of the mysterious yet beloved Pop Tarts onesie, the rest of the exquisite Pop Tarts autumn collection will fill the gaping fashion-void in your life. This year, the SU has not limited your poptastic taste to a mere t-shirt. They are also offering phone cases, headphones, keyrings, and more. Now you know what your student loan is getting splurged on.

So garish you won’t ever lose it

Love it or hate it, nobody can deny that the Diamond has an artistic presence around campus, and all over the city. This iconic, elegant tote bag epitomises the Diamond’s clean-cut, edgy vibe. Minimalist and monotone, there is no slicker way to save 5p at Sainsbury’s this academic year.

shine bright like a diamond

Moving away from the uni-dominated merch range this season, we come to the undisputed number one Sheffield garm, the Broomhill Friery tee. The brand new design has simply surpassed all expectations. An immeasurable improvement on Dan’s previous “Beanie’s Burgers” effort, the t-shirts, priced at £6 or two for £10, are impossible to resist.

One does not simply order cheesy chips without gravy

Ever been invited out with the lads for a cheeky nandos, followed by a sesh landing at Tank Monday, but been stumped for what to match with your air max? Don’t worry, Our Shop has you covered this year with this wavey outfit. Introducing the 2016 snapback and nerd-come-DJ t-shirt.  The crème de la crème of the 2016 SU collection.
Allow the gothic SU embroidered on the cap to subtly demonstrate your historical superiority to the Hallamites, while still leaving no doubt you’ve got street cred. The glasses on the t-shirt remind onlookers we do go to an esteemed university and add an air of intelligence to the outfit, despite the rest of it arguably screaming “I am a moron”.
We are still waiting for confirmation of a Sheffield University bucket hat.

If pre-rolled sleeves doesn’t just ooze class, then what does?

The harsh winter months are almost upon us, so make sure to snuggle up in the SU’s new range of classic hoodies. The vintage effect and classic coat of arms is a safe option, and a sure winner in any wardrobe. Cosy. Prestigious. Glam.

Can’t go wrong with maroon

Next up is the new, extremely niche City Taxis merch, emblazoned with South Yorkshire dialect. If there’s one thing City Taxis has up on Uber, it’s this audacious number. This delicious garm was a limited edition run, and was only available at the Freshers’ Fair this year. If you missed the boat, too bad. It takes commitment to look this good.

When’re you on til?