The Harley are now delivering to your home

There is a god

Sheffield’s most hallowed burger shack has finally given the people what they want – access to arguably the best burgers in town from the comfort of your own home.

Twisted Burger Company, the geniuses behind the delicious grub at The Harley, have started doing home deliveries.

All of their tasty treats apart from the Studio One menu are available for ordering, including soft drinks, shakes and selected alcohol. What a time to be alive.

Food porn

Twisted Burger Company are based in Sheffield, and use locally sourced produce to create the most mouth watering morsels in the city.

Deliveries are placed through the app Deliveroo, but still lovingly made in the legendary bar’s kitchen. With prices the same as in the bar, just with delivery  charges on top, you can’t argue with it.

Tony Gearing, manager of The Harley told us his dream order: “Definitely a Pig Daddy Kane burger with sweet potato fries. Not forgetting a pot of cheesus walks on the side.

“There is a small fee added by Deliveroo, but being able to order a burger from bed is definitely worth it.”

Holy clucking hell

What could be better than digging into some big pimpin’ fries while your snuggled up in bed and five hours through a Netflix binge?

Or even take it to the next level and order a burger to the IC during your lowest, most desperate times cramming for exams. The Harley may be just down the road, but when you can order, why not. You’ll be the envy of all the amateurs who settle for a Sainsbury’s meal deal.