Spicy Chik manager also stabbed in Viper Rooms

It wasn’t his birthday

The manager of Spicy Chik was stabbed in the hip at Risque in Viper Rooms two weeks ago, on the same night as first year medic Curtis Mitchell.

Greg Haynes was out with his mates when he was attacked in the early hours of Wednesday 30th September.

Police have charged a 24-year-old man in connection with both of the assaults.

Greg (right) on the night of the assault

 Greg claims he bumped into the man who then proceeded to continuously stare at him, before stabbing him in the hip.

After the incident, Greg confronted the culprit, before losing consciousness due to blood loss.

Bouncers then intervened and took the man away.

Taukeer Khalid Hussain, of Fieldhead Road, Lowfield, has been charged in connection to the alleged Carver Street assaults.

Greg in hospital following the attack

Greg told The Tab: “I must’ve met him right after the other guy was stabbed.
“He bumped into me and just kept looking at me.
“I went over to my friends and asked them if they knew him, because he wouldn’t stop looking at us.

“Every time I looked over at him he was looking more and more evil, more psychotic.

“It was like a horror film where the character’s head turns to its side gradually.

“He turned, as if to leave, so I did too to carry talking to my mates.

“Then it felt like I’d been punched.

“He’d actually stabbed me in the hip just below the stomach.

“I said to my friends I think I’ve been stabbed and they didn’t believe me so I lifted my shirt and there was this gaping hole.

“I went to a bouncer and said I think I’ve been stabbed. He said “we need to find him” and I said “no I need an ambulance” I was bleeding all down my leg. I ran through the club to find him.

“He was stood with his friends by the VIP, just looking normal. I went up to him and started screaming in his face.

“I just sort of stood there and was putting pressure on my thigh and felt like I was going to pass out.

“When I came to I could see one of the managers’ face above me. I’d lost consciousness because of the blood loss.

“My trousers were wet, like when you take them out of the washer and it hasn’t drained.

“They were soaked with blood.

“I’ve got three blood stained tenners I tried to wash the bloodroot of but they’re stained.

“You get stabbed and then it gets worse.”

Greg’s tenners 

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Taukeer Khalid Hussain, of Fieldhead Road, Lowfield, will appear before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 15 October 2015.

“The charge relates to an incident at a nightclub in Carver Street, Sheffield.

Between 1.45am and 2.10am on Wednesday 30 September, it is alleged that three people were assaulted, suffering stab injuries that required hospital treatment.”