We tried the Harley’s Sunday Dinner Burger

There was gravy everywhere

After braving the Harley’s notorious Pizza Burger earlier this year, I decided to try the latest obscure addition to their twisted collection- a sunday roast in a bun.

Known as “The Moist Maker” the burger boasts a generous double beef, chicken or falafel patty, giant yorkshire pudding, stuffing, hash brown and gravy all sandwiched between two buns.


Standing at a relatively pricey £7.95 I couldn’t help thinking longingly of Wetherspoons’ Sunday Club roast, where I could get an all-inclusive meal, including a drink, a pound cheaper. 

After waiting a mere two hours to sample the burger I’d half expected the chefs to have slaughtered the cow themselves and by the time it arrived I was almost delirious with hunger.

Loves it

Unable to fit everything in my mouth, I ate the Yorkshire pudding first – definitely not courtesy of Aunt Bessie. Eating the rest of the burger was a bit like giving a cow a blowjob. The initial taste of meat overwhelmed everything else but as the taste of stuffing crept through it suddenly felt like a real roast.

Devouring the burger in just seven minutes, gravy saturated my skin as I tore through layer after layer of food, sacrificing a part of my dignity for every frenzied bite as the carnivore within me came alive.

Gravy everywhere

The carnage was over and, still hungry, I immediately regretted turning down a side of chips. Too quickly the stunning creation had been reduced to nothing more than a small puddle of gravy.

Leaving the restaurant, I spent the rest of the evening feeling slightly sick and in a state of unexpected dissatisfaction.


The prospect of the meal made me as moist as the burger itself, but I was left high and dry after an experience we can all relate to – it just wasn’t big enough.

Verdict: 6/10