Fresher stabbed in Viper Rooms on his birthday

A man has been charged


A first year medic was stabbed in the leg at Risque in Viper Rooms last week.

Curtis Mitchell, 20, was out celebrating his birthday with flatmates, when he was stabbed.

Police have charged a 24-year-old man in connection with the alleged assault.

Curtis, third from left, and his friends in Viper Rooms that night

Curtis claims a man pulled out a knife and slashed his inner thigh after having accidentally brushed past him in the club.

They bumped into each other as Curtis was trying to make his way to the toilets.

Curtis went to hospital, where he required six stitches in his leg.

Taukeer Khalid Hussain, of Fieldhead Road, Lowfield, has been charged in connection to the alleged Carver Street assault.

The Viper Rooms

Curtis said: “About 20 of us were pre drinking in my flat, celebrating my 20th birthday and we went to Viper Rooms at 11pm.

“We were having a good night and not much happened until around 1.30pm.

“Some of the group had gone home at this point and I went to go to the toilet on my own.

“The club was packed so I had squeeze through and shuffle around people just to get past.

“That’s when I bumped into this guy, he was heading the opposite direction towards the smoking area and when I bumped into him we both stopped.

“He just looked at me and wouldn’t move when I gestured him to go past, neither of us said anything to each other, and I hadn’t spoken to or seen him at all before in the night.

“When I tried to walk around him he pulled a blade out and slashed my inner left thigh and walked off.

“I told security and they took me outside, sat me down and asked me to describe the man who did it, then the Viper Rooms manager did some first aid on my leg.

“I went back to the main entrance and waited with security, then I saw the guy being escorted out.

“I said “that’s him” to the bouncer and he tried to run off but there were bouncers waiting who stopped him, they found the weapon on him, and then I got in a taxi to A&E where I got treated with six stitches.”

Curtis (right) while travelling

In a statement a Viper Rooms spokesperson said: “At around 1am on Wednesday morning we were made aware of an incident.

“The general and assistant managers rendered first aid to the victim and the door-staff sought and apprehended the assailant. He was arrested immediately afterwards.”

“We have provided CCTV footage and witness statements to the police in order to support the prosecution.

“We feel deeply upset that anyone’s night out should be spoilt in such a way, and regardless of the fact that since we opened in over 300,000 student visits we have never experienced anything like this. such distress.”

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “Taukeer Khalid Hussain, of Fieldhead Road, Lowfield, will appear before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 15 October 2015.

“The charge relates to an incident at a nightclub in Carver Street, Sheffield. Between 1.45am and 2.10am on Wednesday 30 September, it is alleged that three people were assaulted, suffering stab injuries that required hospital treatment.”