Bee Lokkit’s ultimate style guide

You’re welcome everyone

Renowned for his eclectic wardrobe, patent knee-high boots and penchant for glitter – politics finalist and SU President nominee Bee Lokkit knows how to make the campus sparkle.

In the first of his fashion columns, he shares his style tips, essential clothing and thoughts on Sheffield’s menswear.

On fleek

What do you think of Sheffield style?

Uhh…Sheffield…I haven’t seen people dressed very seriously on the street. Most people wear jeans with a t-shirt. Some of the women are very, very stylish here. The girls around Sheffield look really trendy sometimes. The boys and men in Sheffield sometimes look like when they get dressed everyday they never think about what they want to wear. They just dress very randomly. I haven’t seen many men dressed very well in Sheffield. I see a lot more men that dress nicely in London. I think the men here, they could improve themselves.

What item of clothing could you not live without?

The jacket I’m wearing today is my second favourite. My first favourite is my blue sparkly jacket. I wear it to go clubbing and to go to bars. My mum tried to wash that one and that pissed me off because you cannot use water to wash that one. If you want to wash it you can only dry wash it. You cannot use water to wash it otherwise it will get in trouble and I will get really, really pissed off.

Does your style reflect your personality?

Yes, I think so. When you look at my style, I’m not a very serious person. I love fashion but I’m studying politics so when I’m running a campaign I always like to make myself interesting and more relaxed. I don’t like to be seen as being too serious. So way I dress reflects how I want myself to come across to others.

Your style should reflect your personality

How do you dress well on a student budget?

If there are some out of season clothes in Primark I always go for a discount. I always go with my student card when I go shopping because most places give you a 20% discount. Apart from that I always do some of my shopping on Amazon because Amazon’s got a lot of lovely clothes that are not very expensive so they can help students to save money.

Do you have any tips for the rest of us?

Whoever or wherever you are, dress in what makes you feel comfortable, but also with respect. Dress for the atmosphere that you feel like. If you’re invited to a party and you turn up in jeans and a t-shirt, how would the people who gave you the invitation feel? For example, some people invite you to their birthday party and then you wear flip flops with jeans, that doesn’t show that you respect the people there. I don’t really want to say that because a lot of my friends do that but they haven’t considered the atmosphere and the environment that they are dressing for. They just wear what they like without any respect or consideration for the people there and I think that’s really, really bad here so think before you dress. Wear what feels the most comfortable for you and others. That’s one of my tips.