Harcourt Road is the most dangerous street we live on

Allen Court was second

Dangerous Harcourt Road and Harcourt Crescent had the most recorded crime for the Uni of areas of the city last year.

A combined 64 incidents were reported to the police from September 2014 – July 2015, including burglaries and violence and sexual offences.

Uni accommodation site Allen Court ranked second with 60 incidents – crimes included drugs, possession of weapons, criminal damage and arson.

Bustling Whitham Road ranked in last place and as the safest area, with only 5 crimes being reported for the whole academic year.

Joely Mackenzie, English Language and Linguistics final year, lived opposite a halfway house on Harcourt Road last year.

Joely said: “My housemate’s package (a £200 blender) was delivered to the halfway house when we were out, but when we went to collect it, they completely denied having it and she never got it.

“Our house was also broken into, but luckily in the holidays when none of our stuff was there.”

“A house down the road had a party and a group from the halfway house decided to crash it and ended up beating up the hosts to the point where one was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

“They regularly had loud parties themselves with loud music all night and cars constantly pulling up, beeping, collecting “something” then driving off.

“I felt very uneasy living there as they were such a loud presence on the street, regularly shouting abuse at passers by and after the break in at my own house, the threat felt even more personal.

“I would always lock everything away whenever I left and, as a house, if we were the last one to leave, we would usually pretend to shout goodbye to someone inside the house as we left, just in case anyone from across the street was watching.”

“It was such a shame, because our road was mainly composed of students and young families, who regularly held street parties, so the street was a very friendly street, except this one group.”