SU will pay the living wage

About time eh

The generous SU are going to start paying living wage to all of their staff. 

The living wage rate, which is £7.85 an hour, is calculated according to the basic needs for living, with the idea being a person should be paid enough to enjoy a decent standard of living and provide for their family.

All services and outlets across campus will now be employing their contracted staff on the rate advised by the Living Wage Foundation, which will mean over a 20% pay increase for 75 staff members.

All casual workers will also be paid the over 21 minimum wage, which will have a massive impact on the amount of student staff at the SU.

This rate is set to become £6.70 from the 1st October this year.

SU President Christy McMorrow said: “We are incredibly proud that both the Students’ Union and Unicus are taking the steps to greater support their staff by paying a living wage.

“We must acknowledge the significant effort that both staff and students who are passionate about this issue have put in to make it happen.”

Caryn Masters, Head of Commercial Services at Unicus, the uni’s trading arm, added: “We are pleased to be able to reward our staff for their contribution to the commercial success of Unicus, and to be working alongside colleagues in the Students’ Union, with the support of the University, to achieve this joint increase.

“Our staff are what makes Unicus stand out from its competitors and it’s only right that we invest in them in the interests of the future success of the company.”