Extra police patrols introduced to reduce Freshers’ Week violence

They think booze is to blame


Extra police will be patrolling through Sheffield this week to crack down on violent crime in Freshers’ Week.

Following recent figures which suggest those in Higher Education are more likely to be victims of crime than any other residential group, South Yorkshire police are joining forces with both uni and Hallam and increasing patrols throughout town.

They will also be closing Carver Street to vehicles on both Friday and Saturday.

During the last academic year, figures show alcohol was an aggravating factor in 22 per cent of violent crimes against us, compared to in only 16 per cent of violent crimes against the general population.

Students are most at risk of violent crime

Violent crime is also said to spike significantly during freshers week, Christmas and the end of term.

Speaking to The Star, Chief Inspector Forrest said: “We are not the fun police and I know how exciting it is to be a student, particularly when you’re living away from home for the first time.

“Our message is a simple one around knowing your limits and not letting one extra drink result in what can be life-altering consequences.

“There can be little worse than seeing someone’s future jeopardised because of one drunken mistake. A conviction can profoundly affect your career prospects and make travelling to certain countries difficult.”

Laura Bell, an English second year, said: “I’m all for the extra police patrols, but I’m not sure how closing a very small road to vehicles is going to do anything other than reduce pollution.”