Socialist graffiti scrawled on University concourse

Vandals of the world, unite!

Revolutionary vandals have defaced the University concourse with socialist graffiti.

Protest group Army Off Campus scrawled their radical messages in response to the arrival of the Officer Training Corps (OTC) at the University, who are holding a stall on the concourse this week.

The radical socialist movement wrote messages such as “war is profit” and “British imperialism is the real terrorism” on to the walls of the concourse in an effort to oppose the OTC and their campaigning.

Anti UK chalkings such as this were found on walls.

The group also wrote the names of all the countries which Britain has “colonised and oppressed”.

The group aimed to “create the striking imagery of British soldiers literally walking all over countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and India.”

Chris Saltmarsh, socialist campaigner and organiser of the recent campus defacing, said: “The army is an institution that kills people to maintain the power and wealth of the people who already have power and wealth.

“It has a history of imperialisation, invading countries and perpetuating wars in the middle east.”

“Opressed” countries written on the floor of the concourse.

Saltmarsh said the protest was “in part, for the international students coming to the University from countries oppressed by Britain, who may feel upset or uncomfortable with the British army being present.”

Social policy and Criminology finalist Dannie Bennett said: “There’s a right way to express your opinion, and I don’t think that was it.

“People can fight for what they believe in without resorting to vandalism and potentially offending people in the process.”

The OTC, who have opened their stall on the concourse regardless, refused to comment.