Sleek and sophisticated: Move-in-day dads

They can unpack my boxes any day


The mums cried, the dads provided the shoulder to cry on and looked damn good while they did it.

Wisdom. Refinement. Words synonymous with fatherhood – all of these fine men know plenty about both.


Keith, whose daughter Phoebe studies German and Dutch, looks super smart in a navy blue Ralph Lauren shirt and black jeans. When asked what his favourite shop is, he said: “Urm…my wife does the clothes shopping.” Hun she’s doing a great job.


John combines an eccentric shirt with an even snazzier blue jumper. Chinos are hard to pull off, but he manages it by contrasting the beige undertones with a floral number. His daughter Hannah studies Biology and will probably disagree with his assertion that “GAP is a stylish student shop, isn’t it?”


Chris loves Zara and his daughter Louise studies French and Business Management. Chris dresses down his smart shirt and posh suede shoes with denim jeans and a belt, which makes this outfit the perfect balance of dapper and casual. Zara would be proud.


Tunde’s daughter Zainab studies Business Management and he says he usually has his clothes made, but “of course Hugo Boss” is one of his favourites. Tunde definitely looks suave, the Gucci belt offsets the pink perfectly.


Ajay and his son Kishan, who studies English Literature, are both style sensations. When asked what his favourite shop is, he said: “Can I say George?” before admitting ASDA’s clothing brand is his guilty pleasure. He also shops at Next, he assured us.


Bio-medical Science first year Susanna’s step-dad Jamie modestly says “I inspire myself.” His favourite brand is Paul Smith and he flaunts just the right amount of bling on his left wrist.