Sheffield to welcome Syrian refugees with ‘open doors’

Leading the way, as per

Moral council bosses have announced the city will “immediately” welcome Syrian refugees to Sheffield, following a protest at the Town Hall on Sunday. 

“10 to 15” Syrian families are expected to be resettled, equating to around 50 people.

In addition to the 130 refugees already agreed to be re homed this year, Councillor Isobel Bowler has said that this new action stresses Sheffield’s “strong tradition of helping those fleeing persecution”.

Directly funded by the government, the news comes days after 100 residents protested outside the Town Hall in an “enough is enough” plea to the public.

The welcoming face of a proud city

Abdul, a speaker at the Refugees Welcome protest, described his personal experience in fearing he would not return from the devastation in Syria.

“It was complete darkness.

“I witnessed a bomb dropping and a rocket flying, and I did not know if I would return to England to see my family and my friends again.”

Abdul ended his speech expressing his great pride in the attitude of Sheffield’s community and the prompt response of the city.

“I am proud to live in Sheffield.

“You the people of Sheffield have created the city of sanctuary.

“You have led the way.

“You have never shown racism, you have shown a determination to help those who are suffering.”