Brace yourselves for an Indian summer

Miracles do happen

Sheffield is in for a pleasant surprise this week, as a brief Indian summer is set to hit tomorrow.

Those left dissatisfied after a chilly August can look forward to temperatures hitting 24°C this week, as the Steel City makes one last attempt to hold onto summer.

The warm weather comes as a result of high pressure moving from west to east, and will no doubt be readily received by South Yorkshire, after Britain experienced its coldest summer for three years this year.

For when it gets too much

Temperatures from June to August averaged at just 13.9°C, significantly chillier than the 14.8°C average of last year.

In true Sheffield style however, this warmth will be replaced by a downpour of rain by Saturday, which is expected to continue throughout next week.

So if you’re coming back to uni this week don’t be fooled, Sheffield will undoubtedly deliver on its reputation of cold, Northern weather.

Bring those coats, boots and umbrellas – they’ll become your most treasured belongings by mid-October.