Fez is back for freshers week, but where?

You can stop mourning now

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The recently closed Club Fez will return to Sheffield this September in a brand new venue. 

Just weeks after the much-loved club broke our hearts by shutting down they have thrown us a curveball.

Before tears have fully dried the legendary venue confirmed they’re re-opening in a new unknown location in time for freshers week, apparently on September 26.

While little has been revealed about this mystery, Fez has teased its loyal visitors saying: “If you thought old Fez was good, get ready.”

Not giving anything away about the new club or its whereabouts, Fez are keen to keep everybody on their toes for further news.

The ambiguity seems to have worked as Fez has managed to send Sheffield into a frenzy. 

English finalist and regular attendee Rosa Tarling told The Tab: “Dreams do come true. I had only just got my head around their closure, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel.” 

Fez fans on Twitter are all equally ecstatic about its re-birth, with comments like “get in, my son”, and “that’s class” being thrown about left right and centre.

For now, all we can do is speculate about what the future holds.

The club did not respond when asked for further information about what they have in store.

But if this cryptic tweet and responses are anything to go by, then the legendary house haven will be reborn with all the majesty of a phoenix from the ashes.