Despair as Fez shuts down to make way for new flats

The freshers will never know what they missed out on

Legendary Sheffield club Fez has closed down to be replaced by student flats. 

The bombshell announcement came just days before the clubs Friday farewell party.

The news left Steel City party-goers absolutely distraught, with Club Manager Andrew Hunt confirming the council bought the building for accommodation space.

Fez was legendary for being the only club in Sheffield open six nights a week, and hosting the likes of Dusky, Waze and Odyssey and Skream.

It’s not all bleak news though, as Fez have said they plan to relocate to a bigger and better venue as soon as possible.

Retweet if you cried

Economics finalist Jake Williams is among the mourners, he said: “The promised land of bass has passed. Where will we go now? The night does not end at three.”

It was the solid choice post Tuesday Club as the only place still open for the hardcore.

Now revelers will be left stumbling around the bleak city streets, wishing they were still shuffling the night away in Fez.

Viper Rooms will have to do for now

Until it’s relocation, Fez Presents is carrying on by taking over different clubs around the city like Viper Rooms on Wednesday night.

In the meantime we’re going to have to rely on Hope Works, Night Kitchen and Tuesday Club to make up for the heartbreaking loss.