Sheffield third year runs bizarre Holocaust-denying website

He also says he’s infiltrated UKIP


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A third year at Sheffield is in charge of a far-right website which publishes articles denying the Holocaust, The Tab can exclusively reveal. 

Politics finalist and ex-UKIP member Daniel Rayner, 21, heads up English News, a strange website promoting ancient Germanic myths, and organises sinister pagan ceremonies in the countryside.

We uncovered Rayner’s page and found shocking articles claiming:

• The Holocaust was “an extremely malicious falsehood” and Jewish prisoners “were not innocent”.
• “Jewish Supremacists” subject Britain to “abuse, rape, slavery, theft, intimidation and violence”.
• A “Semitic-Celtic” Welsh lobby is at work removing Britain’s Germanic heritage.

He also said his group infiltrated UKIP and had members standing in last month’s election –– which the party flat-out denied.

In its own words, English News is a website designed to “stand up for our folk’s elegant, extraordinary future and enigmatic, ethereal racial sanctity”.

Rayner’s LinkedIn profile lists him as the “executive director” of English News.

English News’ front page

Articles on offer: ‘Jewish-Christianity exposed’

Most of the site peddles neo-pagan cult beliefs under the slogan: “Hail Our Gods Hail Our Goddesses Hail Our Germanic Folk”.

The page said it held a solstice gathering in Dorset last week, involving in his words, a great feast, oath swearing and a central altar for an “extremely epic ritual experience”.

Among the articles English News has published, one includes a vile rant denying the Holocaust and attacking Jewish victims of Nazi persecution.

It reads: “The Holocaust, is the opposite of truth, it is an extremely radical, malicious, seditious falsehood: that is so transparent, its continued acceptance and very existence as an idea in the minds of mankind rests solely on the suppression of any truthful discussion about its non-reality.

“The Jewish in-mates were not innocent, many hundreds of thousands of them were criminals, financial fraudsters, exploitative industry owners, saboteurs, terrorists and those who had volunteered to work for the Red Orchestra and other Soviet Bolshevik terrorist and spy entities, in addition to former members of various communist and socialist parties, homosexuals, gypsies and common criminals.

“Even then, they were not executed, the camps were for the purposes of isolating such people away from the rest of society and preventing them from causing damage, whilst also forcing them to work for their keep, thus: ‘Arbeit macht frei’, is literally true.”

Cult boss and Sheffield third year Daniel Rayner

Rayner’s LinkedIn profile lists him as the ‘Executive Director’ of English News

Another article, which carries Rayner’s byline, spouts nonsense about the “Jewish Supremacists” attacking and raping our society.

It reads: “Our entire civilization is being subject to racially motivated abuse, rape, slavery, theft, intimidation and violence, from Jewish Supremacist political lobbying groups and the subsequently imported non-European ethnic groups themselves.”

Another post, also with Rayner’s byline, has a dig at the Welsh for speaking an “immigrant language” and working with Jews as part of a “Semitic-Celtic lobby”.

It says a “grave cultural crime” was committed when Welsh road signs were allowed, erasing the history of “Germanic Wales”.

The article on Rayner’s website denying the Holocaust


Rayner also claimed to have “covertly” infiltrated UKIP.

In a now deleted tweet, English News urged supporters to vote UKIP, saying: “It is the absolute duty of all English folk in the UK to #VoteUKIP2015”.

It added: “Seven English Asatro individuals are standing as UKIP councillors.

“Three English Asatro individuals are standing as UKIP MP candidates.

“It is the absolute duty of each and every English & Germanic individual to vote UKIP right now.

“Through English Asatro covertly and intelligently gaining elected representatives through UKIP we can defend our borders, English freedoms and work towards pure English self-determination.”

The now deleted tweet claiming English News to have infiltrated UKIP

UKIP pointed out they condemn anti-Semitism and had a number of Jewish candidates at the last election.

Sheffield Chairman John Lowcock told The Tab: “He is not a member of our party, he was a member some time ago and then he resigned.

“I’ve met the guy on two occasions at public events, he didn’t seem extraordinary, just a normal run of the mill informed, quiet, student guy.

“He didn’t attend any branch meetings. UKIP has a system more rigorous than the other parties to weed out people like this, and he won’t be welcome to rejoin now that we know of his views.”

Today a spokesperson for Sheffield Uni added “racism” did not belong on campus.

They said: “There is no place at Sheffield for racism and we are confident that this individual’s views in no way represent Sheffield students, who take pride in being part of a community with students from over 130 different countries.

“As with any cases when a student’s conduct is contrary to our disciplinary code, we will always take appropriate and timely action.”

When we approached Rayner for comment, he said: “I cannot morally contribute to a subversive article written with the explicit intention of defaming the image of my religion and racial background in addition to being an attempt at personal slander.”