Azeem Ward described this Naveed house remix as ‘nice overall’

It’s a house mash up of his flute recital and Naveed’s first rap

A second year music producer has made a progressive house mash up of Naveed’s first track “Gunna make it”, and none other than Azeem Ward’s much celebrated flute recital.

Surprisingly, the result is something almost very beautiful.

The track begins with Naveed’s dulcet Birmingham tones being played over a progressive house beat, before being merged over arguably the most incredible flute performance of our lifetime and culminating in an stunning crescendo.

Simply hypnotic

We spoke exclusively to the phenomenal flutist and social media sensation Azeem about the track. He told The Tab: “The mix sounds surprisingly  good.”

“I wish I could hear the rap a little better. But I thought the track was nice overall”

It’s refreshing feedback after what’s been a rough week for Naveed and his relentless quest for fame, after he missed out on BNOC of the year 2015.

The producer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, spoke about what inspired such a remarkable composition.

He said: “I was having a drink with some of my mates and discussing Naveed’s rapping, when they suggested that I should write a remix of one of his tracks.

“Not knowing how I would go about it, I tried writing the remix in a few different genres before settling on a progressive house style.

“However there was something missing, and I knew exactly what it needed – Azeem Ward. His hypnotic flute melody fitted perfectly over the top as a complement to Naveed’s rapping.”

“Remixing an artist’s track is sign of great respect and honour in the music industry, so I hope Naveed takes this in good spirit and enjoys the track.

“Having said that, I have already agreed on a deal to collaborate with Naveed’s rival uni rapper Ali-C, and we will hopefully be releasing a track mid June.”

After Naveed described rap rival Ali-C as “pathetic and immature” and “leeching off him for fame”, both Azeem and the master behind the magic have been spaired surprisingly lightly.

“I find it a great privilege that someone did this. It shows their support for my work. It’s heart-warming to see that someone wanted to do this when I’m only just starting.” he said.

“Hopefully, my third song will be bigger and better. But good luck to the DJ too. I appreciate his work and I love the job”.

After hearing the track for the first time, Chloe Maycock, an Economics finalist said: “Isn’t it just sublime? Is there a way I can set this as my alarm in the mornings?”