Aslangate: The man himself speaks out after takeaway reopens AGAIN

He told us it’s open for good this time


For the past month, Aslan’s has been toying with the hearts of Sheffield after closing and reopening twice.

Devastatingly, last weekend it seemed to be shut for good after being spotted boarded up.

But like a phoenix from the ashes, our glorious kebabby has risen from the dead, ready to provide chicken to heartbroken students once again.

We exclusively spoke to the man behind the drama.

Glad to be home

West Street’s finest had shut down temporarily due to issues with tenancy, reaching the climax of it’s crisis when it got boarded up and locked with a grotesque padlock. Tears were shed.

But it was not just heartbroken customers that were shocked by the boarding up. Aslan himself said:

“There’s been trouble with the landlord. We had to close because of rent issues then reopened.

“A week later I went home, then woke up one morning and discovered my take away was boarded up.

“But we are open for good now.”


Luckily, outcry from the masses gave the kebab connoisseur’s the drive they needed to reclaim their position as the big players of West Street fast food.

Physics fresher Sam Abbey was overjoyed to hear the news, saying: “Aslan, the lion in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe’s resurrection broke my heart as a child, and the resurrection of West Street’s Aslan has brought me to tears once again”

All is well with the world once again. Long live Aslan’s.