BNOC 2015: The winner

Spoiler alert: she has abs

After over 7000 votes across the four heats, with nearly 2000 cast in the final alone, the people of Sheffield have spoken.

Your BNOC of the year 2015 is….

Caitlin Ward

Bodybuilder Caitlin shot to the top of group four, not only being the youngest but also the only girl in her heat. She stole a 33 per cent majority in the final, which translates to a massive 577 votes.

Following her nomination, Caitlin announced that should we win the most prestigious award on campus, she’d motorbike through Endcliffe in the nude and run through the Union completely naked.

The politics first year also promised free Haribos in the Endcliffe shop where she works, and work out videos for her 4000 Instagram followers if she was to take the title.

“Thanks to literally everyone who voted for me. Shout out to everyone I know, everyone working hard doing their own thing.”

As promised, Caitlin will be motorbiking through Endcliffe nude tomorrow morning and then running through the Union: “I’m going to keep my word to all my Instagram gym smashers, University of Sheffield and Hallam voters!

“You’re all great. Good luck with life.”

Anyone wishing to see Caitlin’s victory performance tomorrow should make their way to Endcliffe for 10am.