Naveed fuming after new rapper Ali-Cee challenges him to rap battle

It’s like Tupac V Tchaikovsky

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Tensions are running high on the uni rap scene, as new rapper Ali-C has not only released a single, but challenged Naveed to a rap battle.

Cultured, civilised and well-versed in Byron, Ali-C is the perfect antidote to Naveed.

Referring to himself as “Naveed’s poetic cousin” and described as “a high brow answer to Hanif”, modest Ali-Cee has chosen to remain anonymous, as rap is still only something of a secret past time.

He said: “Unlike Naveed, I never considered a career in rap. I just think friendly competition ensures all of those involved aim to produce works of greater quality.”

Big hands… big dreams

He added: “Just consider the Renasaince, feuds like the one between Ghiberti and Brunelleschi led to much greater artistic output.

“I guess I just had to take one for the team. Obviously Naveed’s motivational lyrics were an undeniable inspiration.”

With the upmost nobility, Ali Cee offers everything lyrical, but is lacking Naveed’s pervasive ego and suspicious collection of cars.

That’s just not Ali’s style. Unlike Naveed he promises not to be prowling the floors of the IC every day, offering impromptu a capella performances to innocent passers by.

Small hands… smaller fashion gauge

“I must commend Naveed’s bulletproof confidence.

“He is also far more charismatic than I can ever be, but I would do things slightly differently in my first music video, perhaps cycling around Florence or showing off the size of my literary endowment.

“It is evident my work contains a slightly higher level of lyrical sophistication and subtlety. At an age of aesthetic relativism, it is highly dependent on taste.

“Naveed will inevitably have a greater following in Birmingham’s inner city, whereas I suspect I would be more appreciated in Côte d’Azur.”

In pursuit of scholarly rap, Ali Cee exposes his plans for a potential rap battle: “Depending on my fan base, I will set up a JustGiving page to transform Wentworth Woodhouse into a rap battle venue.”

Naveed said: “This guy is using me to get fame. I don’t do rap battles.

“Wait for my next song and you’ll see what I mean. He’s only using my name and creating the hype so people think, who is he?

“He’s a posh boy trying to act cool. The start just makes me laugh as he copies everything of my start in terms of the ‘mmm’ and the word ‘Sheffield’.”

Naveed claims Ali-C is ‘leeching’ off him

Naveed added: “Instead of worrying about me he should worry about himself, and if he really is that good he wouldn’t need to compare himself to me, or even speak about me.

“I’ve made my third song and to be honest, it’s probably the best one yet and will be pretty inspirational in my opinion.

“But people like this, I haven’t got time for. I find his actions pathetic and immature.

“He is not competition in the slightest.”

Like a battle between Tupac and Tchaikovsky, Sheffield can only wait in anticipation as Ali Cee prepares for his next move.