Law lecturer kills it on Come Dine With Me

He won with meatloaf as a starter

International law lecturer and culinary aficionado Russell Buchan took home the Couples Come Dine With Me trophy this week, after an impeccable performance

Alongside husband Shane, the doctor of law battled it out with two other Sheffield couples and left them for dead an American inspired menu.

In the show, which aired last Monday, the couple made waves with their clear sophistication and penchant for perfection.

Their menu was fittingly fabulous: authentic meatloaf with devilled eggs for starter, followed by “engagement chicken” served with twice baked potatoes, and an apple pie and whipped cream for desert.

Russell told The Tab: “Shane and I loved the whole experience of Come Dine With Me. All of it was a lot of fun and we would thoroughly recommend it to everyone – especially if you win.

“In particular it was great to host the other couples and reveal our culinary and hosting skills…we thought we were great at it and our victory proves that!

“That being said, the other couples weren’t particularly easy to host, or to be hosted by!”

“They didn’t believe in marriage and their conception of ‘posh food’, considering we were involved in a food competition, was very different to ours…”

He added: “One couple served dry chicken pesto with store bought pastry and the other even served bangers and mash. Clearly they were not winners.”

Sam Morris, one of Russell’s second year International Law students and a self-confessed superfan said: “He always seems like a down to earth guy, he knows what he’s talking about whilst being funny too, and obviously very good looking.”