Is Dan Bean bathing in this pond the most beautiful thing ever?

Quite possibly

The last time we caught up with Dan he was debuting his dramatic body transformation for the very first time.

He opened up about his emotional weight loss journey, his burning passion for hot yoga and showed us the exclusive pictures of his beach photoshoot.

If you thought he’d fall back into his old ways, you were wrong. Six months down the line and Dan’s disciplined and captivating exercise regime has only gone from strength to strength.


Despite long hours at the Friery and the blistering temptation of Boromir burgers and hash browns, Dan is still very much a picture of health.

Slim, svelte, and radiating an inner glow, there’s clearly a lot more to this man than just Donner meat.

“I find that when I switch my phone off, take my shoes and socks off and connect to the feel of the summer breeze on my skin, I tune into what been human is all about” he said.

“Tune into the noises of the birds up above. Connect visually to the colours and amazing views. And smell the fresh country side air.”

Tuning in to what being human is all about

For those of you lucky enough to be Facebook friends with the man himself, Dan recently uploaded a video of himself bathing in a pond whilst on a barefoot walk.

He undresses, slides down the rocky bank, and submerges himself in the pond. He then performs a short swimming sequence, before gracefully emerging and pouring cold pond water over himself.

The performance has a spectacularly spiritual, perhaps even baptismal, air about it, and Dan’s squeals of delight are enough to make anyone want to get involved themselves.

“I love barefoot walking out in the peaks, and swimming outdoors in rivers and lagoons. I also go on beach holidays with my dad, this summer we’re going to Cuba.

“We walk up to 3 hours per day in the heat and dive in the sea to cool down and exfoliate with the sand.

“I know a lot of old people who walk up to 2 hours a day, and that’s what inspired me to join my walking club. It keeps your brain and body active throughout the years.”


We asked the enigma himself if he had any tips for the upcoming exam period: “My main advice would be good time management, so plan your days well and leave good time gaps to go for walks.”

“Then get some power and take a shower. Or you could cook your tea.

“Avoid using social media and give your phone a break, turn it off while you’re revising so you can focus on one activity at a time.

“Being nervous if completely normal, so just embrace how you feel at this moment in time and then do activities to unwind such as yoga or meditation.”