Chaos as five people trapped in the IC lift

One boy said he “couldn’t breathe”

Five people were stuck in an IC lift for over half an hour, after it became trapped between two floors.

The lift was on its way to the ground floor, and became lodged inside levels three and four.

A member of staff was seen running up the stairs at 1:05 this afternoon shouting into a radio, and was joined by two engineers ten minutes later.

The captives were able to shout through the lift doors to confirm they were all okay, and were eventually freed at 1:30.

Weiqi Wan, an Aerospace fresher spoke of his time in the lift: “We were leaving the IC at the time, and on our way down to the ground floor.

“There was a big guy in there so it was very hot and cramped. I was sweating lots and there was no signal to ring anyone.

“A man in there called the alarm button, and my friend and I just ended up chatting.”

Chaolun Han, who also studies Aerospace Materials, was with Weiqi in the lift: “It was pretty stressful, especially in exam season. The most shocking thing was how hot it was, it was hard to breathe.

“The IC staff haven’t apologised, but we don’t want anything in compensation. We’re just glad they got us out in the end.”

“There should be a better alarm so if it ever happens again people can get help quicker.

“The staff were pretty good, but being stuck in there was a bit traumatic, and all of us were guys so were a bit embarrassed thinking we might have to strip off.”

Several concerned onlookers took to Yik Yak to share messages of hope to those trapped.